How It Works

  • Register or Login to your account with us at For first time user accounts admin will need access to your posting account to verify your account & Bitcoin deposit address when making your first purchase.

  • Click "Buy Credits" and select your preferred payment method to purchase your "Backpage Credits" and how many Backpage credits you require.

  • Checkout through our secure payment gateway. Once you have made and confirmed your payment to us, our systems will now purchase the required amount of Bitcoins to deposit into your Backpage posting account to give you your desired number of Backpage credits you ordered.

The whole process in short:

We take your payment in what ever form you decide to pay in, Western Union for example..

We then buy the correct amount of Bitcoins to complete your order.

We then transfer and send these Bitcoins to your Backpage posting account using your Bitcoin deposit address we confirmed when you create an account with us at

Backpage then converts these Bitcoins in to Backpage Credits and adds them to your posting account. A simple conversion $1.00 is = 1 Backpage credit.

Thats it! Now you can use those Backpage credits to post ads, upgrades and more. If you find you still don't understand Bitcoins and the process, you don't need to worry. You simply select how many Backpage credits you want in your Backpage account. Buy the relevant Backpage credits package on Backpagepal and we will deliver your desired amount of credits into your Backpage posting account! It really is as simple as that!