Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options are accepted?

Unfortunately due to high volumes of credit & debit card fraud we have experienced, we can now only accept Western Union cash transfers from your local Western Union agents office.

*** Please Do Not Use The Western Union App Or Website At This Time To Make Payment & Transfer ***

These types of payment & transfer are not currently supported and will be reversed back to the sender. Please find the details required below to make payment at your local Western Union agents office.

Receivers Name: Adrian Powell
Receivers Email:
Destination: USA
State: Minnesota
City: Rogers

Once you have made your cash payment & transfer from the Western Union agents office please email adding your Western Union MTCN number, how much you transferred, your Backpage account email address and your account name with us. 

Once we confirm your transfer we will immediately send you your Backpage credits.

Why use BackpagePal?

You have probably arrived here because you are one of many thousands of Backpage users wanting to post Backpage ads, but are unsure, confused and concerned about holding and or using bitcoins... in this case you would be right to be worried, bitcoins are notoriously volatile price wise and there is currently no guarantee of securely holding them in any wallets. This is where we help you, we take all the bitcoin hassle and risk so you can once again be back in control of your personal Backpage account and start posting your ads again today.

What is and what services do they offer?

No more stress or problems with buying and using bitcoins to place your Backpage ads. is a simple and secure payment solution allowing customers to simply purchase Backpage credits again, using their conventional credit & debit cards. The Backpage credits are then directly deposited into their Backpage accounts so you are ready to post your ads once again.

What exactly are Backpage credits?

Back page credits are simply prepaid dollars or currency that customers use to pay for placing their Backpage adverts.

Is this safe? Is this secure? is very safe and very secure. We DO NOT keep any of your private payment data at all on our servers at any time. The payment process is totally controlled by the payment merchant and their private gateway, with state of the art and the latest internet payment security available online today. All data is transmitted through VERY secure servers. NO records are kept of transactions, there is no way for your personal information to be compromised. We have been providing bitcoin / credits to customers and advertisers around the country since Backpage lost its ability to process credit and debit cards.

I don't like giving up my Backpage Login… is it safe?

Our system processes Backpage login information securely. Only our customer support have access to login and complete the deposit of your Backpage credits. Once the transaction is complete you can obviously change your Backpage account login password if you so choose. Each transaction we will need your current Backpage account login details. Please be aware that having access to your Backpage account login details, the worst that could possibly happen is we post an advert on your behalf which obviously we have no intention of doing. There is NO WAY to transfer funds out of your Backpage account once funds are deposited, there simply is no such option on the Backpage website and software.

Why do you need my Backpage login info? Why do you need my Password?

Our system logs into your account, and generates a "Bitcoin Deposit Address" which is unique only to your Backpage account, this is a complex system, but basically it creates a long address code to your Backpage account for our system to send the credits to. In the past we had you do that. But users found it difficult and confusing. This new system does it all for you. 

Are photo ID's and my social security number required?

NO! You supply the same information as you would with any other normal credit or debit card purchase. We never require you to upload a photo ID, picture of your credit and debit card or supply your social security number. Our customer support will never request this information!

How do I buy Backpage credits using

Simply - Register a new account or login to our site Click "Buy Backpage Credits Now" Select how many Backpage credits or which package suits your needs best, then complete payment using your chosen payment method. Thats it! Your credits are on there way!

Once payment has been confirmed, when are my Backpage credits available?

Once your payment has been processed your credits will generally arrive in your Backpage account within 1 hour. There are rare instances where it has taken up to 6 hours when Backpage systems are busy.

Is affiliated with

No, we are not. We are an independent company offering a convenience service to users in need of Backpage credits.

Does sell Bitcoins?

No. Something even better! We offer a purchase solution to buy Backpage credits with Bitcoins, but unfortunately due to certain local and federal regulations, we are not allowed to be in the business of selling Bitcoins. We hope you understand.

What is a Bitcoin? Are they credits? What are Backpage credits? I don't understand any of this!

Bitcoins are basically an “electronic currency” or “cryptocurrency”. The easy explanation is that it is electronic money. It changes value by the second and can be very volatile. For example, as I write this, the “value” is $895 US for 1 “Btc” (Bitcoin) It could be more or less in seconds….

None of this matters to you the user, you are buying a fixed priced package of Backpage credits from BackPagePal. We then accept and take on all the risks concerned with Bitcoins so you do not need to worry about this at all.

Think of it all like tokens at the arcade. You buy 1 token with a 1 dollar bill, then you can spend that token like it is 1 Dollar!

Backpage directed me here, I need help!

If you are like many other customers who have had a bad experience trying to credit or place ads using Bitcoins with Backpage. Well, we are here to help and solve these issues for you! Backpage directs hundreds of customers to BackPagePal's website on a daily basis to help solve such matters.

If the conversion to Bitcoins for Backpage adverts has been difficult or troublesome for you, don’t feel bad, your not alone. There are thousands of people just like you. We are here to solve these issues quickly, efficiently and most of all securely!

My Question is not here, can you help?

Send us an email at